Lusail Marina 50, Street No.315, Zone.69, Building No.5, Ground Floor,
Doha, Qatar

Tel: +974 4487 4862
Mob: +974 55485754


Qatar office:

Interprogetti offers its clients the ability to handle large-scale interior design and manufacturing projects from conception right through to completion.


C. Fino + Sons Ltd.
Fino Buildings, Notabile Road,
Mriehel BKR 3000, Malta

Tel: +356 2549 3000


The Malta head office is situated in Mriehel just above the FINO showplace with well over 3,000 square metres of display area. C. Fino + Sons Ltd Represents some of the finest furniture and home furnishing brands in Europe, and is able to furnish all types of rooms from kitchens to bedrooms, living rooms, dining suites and even offices, not just with furniture but also with furnishings such as ornaments, lights, flooring and curtains.


Route de la Marsa GP9
Ain Zaghouan, Le Kram
Tunis, Tunisie

Tel: +216 70 725 555



Tunisia’s head office represents Fino Tunisia which also forms part of the Fino Group. Fino Tunisia has recently opened a new showroom under the brand name Veneta Cucine. With over 450 square metres of display area, the Veneta Cucine Showplace in Tunisia offers an excellent showcase of high quality kitchens from Veneta Cucine, Ferrero Legno doors and office furniture by Della Valentina Office and Emmegi.


Gargaresh Road,
Hai Andalus,
Tripoli, Libya

Tel: +356 2549 3000


Interprogetti hosts offices in Tripoli Libya, and from here the company offers local clients a wide range of project management and interior design projects in diverse sectors.